A few tips for Brides


Planning a wedding is so overwhelming and there is no way for you to know all the little things you need to do ahead of time to prepare. And the day of the wedding a lot of times you get so caught up in making sure everything goes as planned that you miss out on the important stuff. So I have thought of a few random things that I think will be helpful that might not cross your mind.

  1. You should break in your wedding shoes ahead of time. Don’t wait til the day of the wedding to first put them on. You will be wearing them for hours so wear them around the house a day or two to see if they are comfortable or to just break them in a little.
  2. Always have a back up pair of shoes that you know are comfortable. Even if you make it through the whole wedding in your main pair you might want to wear something a bit more comfortable for the reception.
  3. Don’t plan to be crazy busy the week before your wedding. Give yourself plenty of time to sit still and relax or even get a massage or pedicure.
  4. No matter what, you must eat on your wedding day. Put some snacks in your bag if you have to, but make sure you eat. It will get hectic and you will need your energy even if you don’t have time to stop for a meal.
  5. Hug your parents. This is one of those little things that if you get too busy with the plans you will forget what’s important. Hug the people you love and let them know you are grateful that they are there with you.
  6. Take time after the ceremony with your new spouse to soak in what just happened. You might even take a moment in your head during the ceremony to stop, breath and look around at everyone. Make a mental note of what the moment feels like and who you see. The whole day will be gone before you know it so try to stop and enjoy each part of it.
  7. Hire a great team. Find people that you actually connect with and enjoy being around to be the vendors at your wedding. Choose a photographer that when you look at their pictures it’s what you want your pictures to look like and when you talk to them you feel like you would enjoy spending the day with them. Because you don’t want people playing such large roles in your biggest day if you clash with them.
  8. Listen to your vendors. If you hire someone you trust and like their work, then remember that you trust them. Take their advice on what will help make the day go smoother. Your DJ can suggest what song order will keep people dancing. Your photographer can suggest what works best for them in keeping things moving. These people have lots of experience so take advantage.

I hope these help you along the way. Happy Planning!!

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