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Choosing a photographer is hard. Good photography is a big investment whether you are getting portraits of your baby or family done or if you are choosing who will photograph your wedding. So it’s a pretty big decision and you should decide what is important to you in your images. Are you wanting more a formal portrait style of your loved one sitting perfectly in a chair with their clothing just right and looking into the camera with a great expression or are you looking for a style that shows a specific emotion or freezes the personality of the person you love. All of these styles can be wonderful and there is no wrong choice but you should decide exactly what you are looking for so you can research photographers and find who takes that particular style of image.

The same types of decisions have to be made when laying out your wedding budget. These things are in your hands and you get to choose what is most important and what is less important. Do you have a one venue in mind that is all you’ve dreamed of or is your cake, your dress, your large guest list, your band or photography most important. You shouldn’t feel bad about any of these choices! You have to focus your budget on what is most important to you and your fiance. So once you’ve decided you can go from there.

I am a very sentimental person. I don’t have the best of memories so I try to document my life by taking pictures. So my photography tends to lean more towards the emotional side of things. Of course I love to get the perfect images of everyone looking at the camera and smiling but there is just something wonderful about those images with people laughing, smiling at each other, or just staring into each others eyes that I just love. I try hard to capture feeling in my images or even just a rare expression that you want to remember that person making at that point in their life.

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