Family Spring Break in Oregon

A couple of years ago my big brother moved to Oregon. I have already visited him once and it’s such an amazing place. There are oceans, mountains, waterfalls and just totally gorgeous scenery pretty much everywhere you go. I’m going to be an aunt soon so we decided that before the baby comes would be the perfect time to take the kids out for a visit. Elliot loves the outdoors, exploring and seeing new critters so I knew he would love it. And of course Adelyn likes going new places and seeing all the people she loves so I knew if we made it through the long travel day, she would love the trip. We got one gorgeous day of sunshine and packed so much adventure in that one day that the rain on the other days didn’t seem so bad. My parents came too so it was a great family trip. 

The walk to this beach is magical. It reminds me of some fantasy movie. The trees are amazing and have tons of little nooks and things the kids could play around.

They just love the beach.

We just happened to be there at the right time to see this really old shipwreck that is usually covered in sand.

Here we are at Haystack Rock. If it looks familiar and you aren’t quite sure where you know it from maybe you’ve seen The Goonies.

I am the type of traveler that has to carry my tripod everywhere so we can get pictures of everyone that is there together. Thankfully my family has always humored me because I love getting records of everyone I love together in these amazing places.

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