Mom Photography | How do we not stress out??

I am the first to admit that I am a stressful mom. I have a touch of OCD and for some reason I can patiently take pictures of other people’s children all day long without a worry but when I take my own children out for photos I find myself so impatient and needing things to go exactly how I want them. I will go with an exact picture in my mind that I want and no matter how hard I try, my kids have a different idea. I try hard to remember that the best pictures come when you let people be natural and don’t try to force anything. Like the picture above for instance. I was trying to get them to sit still and both smile at me at the same time with their “real” smiles and not their newly found fake ones. But I’ll tell you something, when I look back through the pictures we took that day, these are some of my favorites. This is a great example of my kids at this age and that is what I am wanting to remember.

So next time you go into a photo shoot and you are worried about what everyone is wearing and if your kids will give the smiles that you want them to or if they’ll give their silly “cheese” smiles. Just remember to have fun. That’s when you get real expressions and that’s when you actually freeze memories.

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