When should you eat at your wedding??

I know I know it seems really strange that you might need advice on when you should eat. After all, you are a grown person and you have been eating all your life. But you will be amazed how many brides and grooms leave their wedding and haven’t eaten the whole day. Or haven’t gotten to eat the amazing reception food that they so carefully chose. Sure, you’ll get at least one bite of cake if you have your new spouse trade cake with you behind the cake table but that might just be it if you don’t plan for it.

Consider having some food in the rooms where the girls and guys are getting ready. Be careful what you pick though! I’ve found ranch dressing can leave a huge oily spot on a bridesmaid dress. Also you might consider the bride and groom having food in a room to the side to go in and eat before going into the reception. When you walk into your reception all of your guests are so excited to see you. They all want to personally come over and wish you well and chat with you for a minute. Which is amazing and of course you want to see them too, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a couple sit down at their beautiful bride and groom table with their plates of food and you can just see on their face that they are starving to so happy to finally put a bite in their mouth and every time they lift their fork someone comes over to congratulate them. That same bite of food goes towards their mouth about 15 times before it makes it in. If you think this is a possibility at your wedding, you should have your caterer or wedding coordinator fix a special plate just for the two of you and put it in a separate room so you can sneak over and eat before coming into your reception. That way you will be full and ready to keep going for the rest of the night. You can also ask them to make you a basket of things that don’t have to be refrigerated to send with you in the car when you leave.


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